Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"ROCKING HARD with our dark, psych-sonic blues assault ...tearing down the centuries old corruption and tyranny that is organized religion...telling the truth to the sleeping brothers and sisters of this once great nation...undermining the super wealthy and powers that be who have taken hold of this land!

we are ORCHID....sons of the new dawn...the thorn in the heel of hypocrisy...the seeds of cancer in the bloated bellies of the rich...we are YOUR children... YOUR scion who have come back to cut your throat from ear to ear and take the throne. Hide your blonde, fair-eyed daughters...let them cower with your sons...hide your precious live stock for we shall slaughter them all and spit their blood at your tall white gates!! this day is ours...the hour of ORCHID IS UPON YOU!" ~ MySpace

Artist: Orchid
Album: Orchid
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: 70's vibe Stoner Rock

Listen to Orchid @ MySpace


stump said...

This is Fuckin Awesome. Super Post!!

Nes said...

\m/ one of those bands i can listen to over and over and over again ;)