Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Machine


"The Machine plays heavy, psychedelic rock in a powertrio tradition. The current line-up exists since October 2007. Shortly thereafter, they released their debut album “Shadow of the Machine” on their own in December 2007. This record marked their entry into the stonerrock scene and gained some modest international interest.

The follow up, “Solar Corona”, will be officially released by the band on May 30 2009. This release will be done with the German Nasoni Records and will be available on both CD and (coloured) 2LP vinyl. “Solar Corona” features long, partially instrumental tracks which
contain a lot of diversity. These Dutch guys offer you straightforward heavy riffing, melodic passages and atmospherical soundscapes.

When playing live, The Machine regularly stretches songs by incorporating improvised jams in their sets. Everything’s done with a passion
and chemistry, that a lot of contemporary rock is missing. The band is already writing new material for a next album and has some (inter)-
national shows/tours in their schedule. Be prepared." ~ MySpace

Artist: The Machine
Ablum: Solar Corona
Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2009
Genre: Stoner Rock, Jam

Listen to The Machine @ MySpace
For purchase info visit their homepage

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Wagnerc said...

excellent...could you upload their first album?

Nes said...

glad you liked! and no problem, it's up =)

spunkie said...

Super album, like the best of the 70's stuff with an jam vibe.
Love this sound.

Nes said...

that makes 2 of us ;) definitely one of my favorite albums at the moment!