Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gas Giant

"GAS GIANT is a 3-piece rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their sound blends influences from classic rock acts of the '60s and '70s like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath with a sound and attitude found in modern bands such as Kyuss and Monster Magnet Yet among contemporary bands in this scene, GAS GIANT stands out clearly, producing mature songs with strong melodies, though without ever forgetting their HEAVY roots! Their songs evolve organically during epic rehearsal jam sessions, but balance sledgehammer riffs with plenty of catchy hooks. And just listen to that guitar. GAS GIANT began life as Blind Man Buff, playing for several years under that name before choosing a new name to reflect their bigger, more spacious sound in 1998. The heavy and spaced out album Pleasant Journey in Heavy Tunes came out in 2000 and opened a lot of doors for the band, but it was first later the same year, things got rolling. They hooked up with drummer Tommy Dan, who had been playing both hardcore/rap scene and various jam bands for a while. The change was the perfect match for the band to move on to new musical levels. The band now sounded like a four piece machine, ready to hit the road with full tilt. In 2003 the album Mana they set the order how to make heavy and spaced out stoner rock in the state of Denmark. The album was the best yet they had archived, and it defined GAS GIANT once more as a big and spacious sound. Known as the Gas Giant sound Individually or together, the band members have been playing for more than 14 years in the Danish music scene." ~ MySpace

Listen to Gas Giant @ MySpace

1999 Portals Of Nothingness  *r  *m
2000 Pleasant Journey In Heavy Tunes  *r  *m
2003 Jam of the Month *r  *m
2003 Mana *r  *m
2006 EgoPlanet  *r  *m


xeno said...

Woooah. Thanks, thanks..... thanks:
Even the first album, that i haven't find
in any store in Italy!

Any chance to see, someday, the 3 albums
of the swedish band DOLLHOUSE?
I love this band from the first time i heard
"I miss someone" and "The worried blues".
They don't get out of my head.

Greetings from Italy.


Hey from Greece.
First of all thanks for some good fuckin music you post.I ask another time for everything else from a band from German called except the one you post (14943)
If it is able to upload that we will be allright.As for my Italian friend here are everything from the famous Dollhouse (get them as they last)
Dollhouse-Royal Rendezvous

Dollhouse-Rock N' Soul Circus

Dollhouse-The Basement Takes

Dollhouse-Rock N' Roll Revival (the new one 2009)

Insane Riez said...

Thanx for the Ego Planet! I'm grateful!

xeno said...

Thanks PETER,
You're a friend.
I owe you one!

xeno said...

Sorry for the double post:
but, PETER, you've forgot
the best Dollhose album:

Dollhouse - Royal Rendezvous (2005).

Nes said...

XENO!! my pleasure ;) and i see your request already has been filled =)

PETER!! THANKS dude for the Dollhouse links!
i know you asked for that mandala, they're freakin' hard to find - i'm in the middle of getting their SoulRebel album, will upload it when i have it complete =)

RIEZ!! you're most welcome! \m/


Thanks Nes.As for you xeno i don't forget to post Royal Rendezvous.Just take a good look.Anyway enjoy and keep on rockin'.
Nes thanks for searching for Mandalla.Really they are so hard to find

xeno said...

Sorry PETER, you're right.
The emotion for the links,
make me blind ; )

Anonymous said...

Great band,great music, just a shame gas Giant are no more.bobthedog,UK.

chris winter said...

Chris from the band Dollhouse Sweden here,
Get all info of my upcoming projects on my site

Chris W