Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Orange Shading Starlight

Another EXCELLENT tip by Kurt
side project of Wicked Minds
GET IT! ;)

"ORANGE SHADING STARLIGHT is the first Wicked Minds' official side project. The album, released by W-Records (Italy) in a 500 copies limited edition with colour gatefold sleeves, is an instrumental jam where the band developes all its power and experiment some interesting possibilities! Of course we have on guitar and devices Lucio Calegari, Paolo "Apollo" Negri on synthesizers and electric pianos, Enrico Garilli on deep, deeeeeep bass and Andrea Concarotti on drums (this was his last recording before leaving the band" ~

Band: Orange Shading Starlight
Album: Orange Shading Starlight
Country: Italy
Year: 2007
Genre: Instrumental Psychedelic Proggy Jams

Can't find a MySpace or page
so no preview, sorry


Anonymous said...

i just discovered wicked minds and didin´t know this existed , what a treat , thanks a lot

Dave said...

As above, I found this to be an enjoyable discovery. Wild stuff; terrific. Thanks

Anonymous said...

did you take my post or did you buy the lp..if you took my post at least tell people who you took it from..
enjoy it..

Anonymous said...