Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Omnia Opera

"Meanwhile...The band are delighted to announce that they have been reawakened from a hideous state of limbo and inactivity in 2006.

They have reformed themselves out of moss and discarded detritus found around the urban wasteland. The Band have now played their first live show in over a decade at the Malvern Youth Center (Saturday 18th November 2006)

Omnia Opera have been rejuvenated with new members completing the full ships crew. Replacing Mr Ade Scholefield on Synths is “Mr Alf Hardy” from Coventry, full time space cadet formerly of “Dave Brock and the Agents of Chaos” (Hawkwind) and “Tubilah Dog” Both bands of the highest sonic quality.

The replacement of the “Clone Drones” the two “female hermaphrodite singers” has also been necessary the old models were in a shocking state of disrepair and unable to function their diodes having burnt out long ago in the soft moss, now preserved in a vault in Kidderminster.

They have been replaced by “Plumaris” & “Caitlin Beta”

These two machines have been programmed to provide the necassary vocalizations and movements. Original members Mr Jones, Mr Lloyd and Mr Spragg complete the crew on Bass, Guitar and Drums respectively.

Also joining the ships crew is the long lost “Captain Bagley” Providing Stage show antics and a puzzeling visual antidote with the live show aspect.

A special mention goes out regarding Mr Steve Price who's great efforts playing 2nd Guitar on the night of the first gig will always be remebered affectionatly.

Quotes…Mr Andy Jones “being away form the plasma has burnt a big hole in my head. A bus drove through it the other day and I thought I need to plug this hole and so sent out a distress call to fellow psychonaughts for help. So here we all are fresh as the day we first formed in 1986. Open to the great flow and wondering what will happen, come and be apart of it. … Over and Out"

Delight at the dulcet and melodic tones of “Space Bastard” and revel in the aural meanderings of “Floating Settie” if you’re a fan of Acid rock, Space Rock, Psychedelics, the you'll do well to check out the sound of "OMNIA OPERA" " ~ MySpace

Band: Omnia Opera
Country: UK
Genre: Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock

listen to Omnia Opera @ MySpace
for more info visit their homepage

-- the early tapes *r *m
1986 - beyond the tenth *r *m
1986 - live birmingham 1.may'86 *r *m
1987 - celebrate for change *r *m
1989 - crumbs from the cookie *r *m
1989 - live *r *m
1990 - surfing the zuvuya *r *m
1993 - live in mosley *r *m
1993 - omnia opera *r *m
1997 - red shift *r *m
2007 - 06-16 - hawkfest *r *m
2007 - 12-01 - club 85 *r *m

Thanks to Kurt for the Tip!!


ZoSo said...

Thank you for this post. I absolutely love your blog. I'll be coming back here more often

Anonymous said...

Live 89 both files are corrupt.

zigzagwanderer said...

I've had Omnia & Red Shift for some years , just d/l Early tapes , excellent ! I'll have to d/l the rest now . Thanks for a great blog .