Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"Krel was a psychedelic / space rock band that formed out of an outfit named the Purple Otter Trotters, who made their name releasing a cassette of Hawkwind covers and playing at Travellers Aid Trust gigs. As Krel they toured extensively between releasing cassette-only albums, supporting the likes of Ozric Tentacles and Hawkwind. The band eventually splintered in the late 1990s, bandmember Mr Dibs left the band in 1995 and went on to form Spacehead" ~ Last.Fm

Band: Krel
Country: UK
Genre: Space Rock

Listen to Krel @ MySpace (their albums are BETTER then what you can listen here!)

whos next on this (flac) par1 *r *m part 2 *r *m part 3 *r *m
1997 - ad astra *r *m
2003 - out of space *r *m
2005 - dark star *r *m

Thanks to Kurt for the Tip!!


Anonymous said...

dark star: every files are corrupted

Anonymous said...

dark star, all but the first two files are corrupt. Shame as it is much better quality than the cassette of this that I have! Any chance of a re-code and upload?

Anonymous said...

yes please give it another go!

cheers awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Ja, zou je alsjeblieft Dark Star nog eens kunnen oploaden? Zou zeer op prijs gesteld worden!
Groeten van een vaste bezoeker uit Holland

Anonymous said...

If your gonna offer free downloads at least keep the links up to date you idiot. Megaupload disappeared ages ago and the Rapidshare links are all dead. Either update links or get rid of this page you useless twat.