Friday, January 21, 2011

it's HUGE!

double treat
Pyschedelic Monsterjam & The Intergalactic Travel Agency both by Neumeier Genrich Schmidt
(Genrich & Neumeier -> Guru Guru & Schmidt -> sula bassana/zone six)

if you're familiar with their other bands i'm sure you can guess what kinda stuff this is right? ;)
it's excellent whatever you want to call it *grins*

they don't have their own MySpace but you can check em out on the Psychedelic Network and here

Pyschedelic Monsterjam *r *m
The Intergalactic Travel Agency *r *m


Anonymous said...

couldn't find their 2 album and found it here. that's why I like your blog ;)

Nes said...

^_^ thx - glad i'm still able to "help out" here and there ;)

Prabs said...

i dont know which one is the best to vote, i have chosen "i dig"

also, sorry to clutter your shoutbox but check out my blog if you get a chance. i created it ages ago for the purpose of getting ad money :) but now i have removed adsense and updating it with music

Nes said...

no worries Prabs, i appreciate every comment, so it's never 'clutter' ;)

and cool blog you got there, i see some great tunes and 'new' ones too, so i'll have to go dig deeper for sure =D