Thursday, January 20, 2011

can it get any better?

i don't think so ...

My Brother The Wind - Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet

tunage & info @ MySpace

sometimes you come across something that hits home, atm there's not much that can top this for me
it has it all: from the heart improvised, unrehearsed, instrumental, spacy, psychy, groovy, melancholy vibe

mind-boggling brilliance .....

if anyone knows similar bands/tunes .... pleaaase share them with me! *winks*


outofthisworld said...

omg, this record is just awesome, psychedelic, great drumming and groove - i'm editing photos today and the flow is great :)

Nes said...

isn't it?! went right up into my top 5 =) have fun tweaking!

zillagord said...

This is awesome! Thanks for turning me onto this.

You should grab that THTX album, "The Flickering Sky," that Earthless just posted. Also, the two Verma releases posted on Wine WOen and Song are pretty solid. Those are my recs for the day :)

So glad to see you posting! I missed you.


Nes said...

Heya Zilla! you're welcome my friend, i knew you'd dig it ;)
and you still know what gets me going too hehe already have the THTX - good stuff! had the verma's for a while already as well, had set them aside to post but then other stuff got me distracted and by the time i wanted to up em i didn't have to anymore hahaha

Gobbledygook said...

This is a real gem of an album. If you like this sort of inventive guitar playing I would also suggest checking out Subarachnoid Space.

Nes said...

glad you like Gobbledygook! and excellent recommendation - Subarachnoid Space is fab!