Saturday, May 17, 2008

Supergiant - Antares

"In a dutch orange yellow sky fire of fall 2005 amidst an arid dusty high-desert somewhere on planet Earth, four distinct human-born galaxies collided creating colorful heavy musical fusion. Through burning intergalactic wormholes and the vibrations of their infinite minds the sonic waves of SuperGiant came to life bellowing to the darkest spaces within and without. Some say the very Universe lives and breathes through their bodies and sound, that love has brought them to one another and to the world. Others utter that the Sun lends their souls to musical healing and the very energy that connects us all to ourselves and countless other civilizations. As Antares smiles with joy so the bliss shall find all who choose to listen, feel and reveal themselves through groove. In a matter of minimal moments planets have come and gone, stars have lived and died and SuperGiant have become an undeniable force to intergalactic underground rock" ~ Supergiant

Artist: Supergiant
Album: Antares
Year: 2008
Genre: Stoner Rock


Listen to Supergiant @ Myspace
Buy their album & more at their Homepage


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link is broken thanks to shareonall closing. Anyone know any other links for this??



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