Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brought on to you ...

Edgar Broughton Band .... acid & psychy heavy rockin' from the late 60's on

you can find more info HERE

1969 - Keep Them Freaks a Rollin' **m
1969 - Wasa Wasa **m
1970 - Sing Brother Sing **m
1971 - Edgar Broughton Band **m
1972 - Chilly Morning Mama - Live **m
1972 - Inside Out **m
1973 - Oora **m
1975 - Bandages **m
1979 - LIVE Hits Harder! **m
1979 - Parlez-Vous English **m
1982 - Super Chip- The Final Silicon Solution **m
2000 - Demons At The Beeb **m
2004 - Keep Them Freaks A Rollin' - Live At Abbey Road **m
2006 - Live at Rockpalast **m


Dean said...

Thank you so much. Really diggin this post. Keep up the great work.

carter brandon said...

Thanks, great set, but 80kbps 22Hz encode for the 1st album? I thought the days of even 128k were long gone.

Nes said...

thanks Dean! will do my best ;)

Carter - upped the wrong one *grins* thanks for letting me know, will fix it asap ;)

carter brandon said...

Phew! (Wipes forehead) ;)

abeattie23 said...

many thanks you made an old man who saw them in 69 or 70 very happy

savageYHS said...

Thanks a million for all this EBB! I remember "American Boy Soldier" back in high school, but I had no idea these guys were so funkin' GOOD! Thanks for the great blog, Funker!*-)

savageYHS said...
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