Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All the way from the past

Here & Now

alive & kicking since 1978 - related to the Gong family

i dig their earlier sound (from the 70's) some nice psychedelic, spacy vibes
they lost me completely in the 80's though, never really cared for 80's music, proggy, space or otherwise *grins*
but up from the 90's caught my attention again, moving more towards space

my aboslute fave album - Ici Maintenants - Space & Time (ici maintenants meaning nothing else but here & now in french)

still missing some (live) albums after the Space & Time album *hint hint* ;)

listen to their vibe @ Myspace -> here & here

1978 - Give and Take *m
1978 - What You See is What You Are (live) *m
1979 - off the cuff 6 & 7 Free Tours 1979 (cassette) *m
1983 - Fantasy Shift *m
1984 - Theatre *m
1986 - Been Gone (live) *m
1991 - Ufoasis *m
1999 - Gospel Of Free (live)various bitrate *m
Ici Maintenants - 2004 - Space And Time *m

1 comment:

Eris said...

I'm checking out a couple of these I don't have yet - thanks.
Agree with you about H&N in the 1980s, it seemed like they wanted to sound more like The Police or quite poppy ska (!). I am hoping to see the latest line-up play in a few weeks time, should be interesting.