Monday, March 8, 2010

Cellular Structure

"Electronic Music with lots of sequences from ex-members of Space Rock bands Krel and Spacehead."

i'm sure i got it from someone, but i can't remember who - so whoever passed this on to me THANK YOU!!



Dave said...

Well you did it again. Turned me on to another great space band. This one's not quite mellow but certainly less 'crash bang boom' than others. Interesting that I couldn't find any info about them on the web as they deserve to be better known.

I like most all kinds of music but in general was getting frustrated with the trend through the 80'/9o's when everything seemed to be getting so overproduced. Now there seem to be a lot of space type bands in the 00's that just jam and make great music in the process.

Sorry you're not getting more feedback here as I assume many others appreciate your blog. It's my pleasure to say muchas gracious and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Ik las dat je uit België komt, dus bedank ik je in het Nederlans/Vlaams; hartelijk dank weer voor de gave muziek, ik heb al heel wat leuke dingen bij jou gevonden!!!

Nes said...

Dave ~ thanks for the comment! i really appreciate it =) always great to hear someone digs what's been posted =D
that one little sentence was all i could find on em too and i'm with you on the overproduced stuff ;)

Anonymous ;) ~ yup idd kom van de kanten van antwerpen =)
bedankt voor je berichtje =D en tof dat je wat leuke dingen hebt gevonden hier! =D

AcidDaze said...

Oops, meant to post this too...

Front cover art can be found @:

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the additional info, AcidDaze, much appreciated! This is really great music.