Monday, January 19, 2009


""Josh Homme will ride the speakers when he hears this record" wrote the largest Dutch music website 3voor12 about De Staat's upcoming full length debut Wait For Evolution, right after calling them the most promising band for 2009.

Fully recorded in the old house of singer/guitarist Torre Florim, who's been producing some of the filthiest underground bands in Holland, Wait For Evolution had a more unusual approach than the average rock record.With the help of befriended musicians like The Bloody Honkies and Fuck The Writer, Florim worked layer by layer, in his 'Fun House', for over a year on songs with attractive titles like... 'Meet The Devil', 'The Fantastic Journey Of The Underground Man' and 'We're Gonna Die'.In September 2007 De Staat found its perfect line-up. With Tim van Delft on drums, the Croatian Vedran Mircetic on guitar, Jop van Summeren on bass and Rocco Bell mastering the keys, beatring and cowbell, there's no question that Torre Florim has some diverse company on his side. A powerful five-headed coalition, showing its love for the old roots music, though not afraid to put that in a new and refreshing perspective. Since then they've done shows in every possible setting, from small bars to big clubs with bands like Fu Manchu and the Belgian dEUS. "

2009 will be the year of De Staat" said Eric Corton, DJ for the biggest Dutch radio station 3FM. So it won't be a surprise that they've recently got a record deal with the unique and legendary label Excelsior Recordings. " ~ MySpace

Artist: De Staat
Album: Waiting for Evolution
Year: 2009
Country: The Netherlands
Genre: (stoner) Rock

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Diego said...

Fuck! Now this is some kick-ass groovin' rock done with creativity. I thank you, my friend, for making this available. Peace.

Nes said...

absolutely my pleasure Diego! they have an awesome vibe don't they?!